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Q: Why does your brain feel numb all the time and you feel stoned?
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Why do Peoplem e find pleasure in self mutilation?

cutting or hurting yourself releases endorphins in your brain, which are natural painkillers and cause a person who may be otherwise numb to feel good for a short time.

Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.

After shaving your legs for the first time they feel clammy and numb do shaved legs always feel this way or will it go away with time?

You will actually start to really like the feeling of shaved legs - but if you wait a while before your next shave at any time in the future and a lot of hair builds up, it will feel a bit clammy and a little "numb" (I know what you mean) until you get used to it. Good luck!

When Is Chico Time?

When it's time to get stoned.

What happens to brain after smoking weed that you feel high?

Basically you feel high because both sides of your brain are getting more oxygen at the same time as opposed to one side at a time.

Is it normal to have parts of your head feel numb after hitting your head really bad?

Right after hitting your head, yes. But it should only feel like that for a small amount of time. If it continues, GET TO A DOCTOR

How do you numb your penis?

If you put ice on it for a certain amount of time then your penis will turn numb.

UblWhat does life Sucks but in a beautiful kind of way mean?

It means that your so tired of this awful cruel world so all you want to do is just slowly die to feel something. Not just feel numb all the time.

What are the lyrics for elevation?

How Am I Supposed To Think? Can I Feel? My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No My Dick Is Dumb And The Rain Came Down Plucked My Sight Elevation, Elevation, Elevation How Am I Supposed To Think Now? What's In My Head Now? Like A Cheap Parlor Trick Slight Of Hand And The Blood Covers A Soul, Any Day Now What Do I Feel When I Awake? Where Am I From When I Am Lost? I Feel So Low, I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No, Elevation I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No, Elevation And Every Time I Get Up They're Pulling Me Down, Can't Get My Feet Up Off The Ground, I Said My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No. How Am I Supposed To Think, now?

Is there a phenomenon that makes you feel as if you've already seen a movie before if you watch it while high?

yes you watched it stoned and then you went and watched it again forgetting that you watched it the first time.......... pass the oreos

Why do feet feel numb and tingly all the time?

You may ha MS. It sounds like your scatic nerve may be blocked or effected. You should go to see your Doctor ASAP.

Your leg is very numb what should you do?

You should not walk on it, first of all. Most of the time my limbs (arms, legs) become numb when I have cut off circulation to them or pinched a nerve (?) by the way I am sitting or by an activity I am engaged in. If that is the cause, simply find another position so your leg is more relaxed. It should feel better quickly. If this does not solve the problem, I would call a doctor. Wait for it to un-numb then go about your day. ;)