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Q: Why does water make a person urinate more?
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Does drinking pop make you urinate more than water?

No, drinking water will make you urinate more than drinking soda. This is because the water cleans the toxins out of your body.

Drinking large amount of make you urinate more?


What drinks make you urinate the most?

Diuretics like caffeine and alcohol make you urinate more often than normal. Drinking a lot of water wil also do the job.

Do electric blankets make you have to urinate more?


Does drinking milk at night make you urinate more?

Drinking just about anything at night would make you get up more, in the middle of the night, to urinate.

How do you make yourself pee a lot?

What a stupid question. To urinate more, drink more

Does eating a lot of fruit make you urinate more?

Apples are a good source of fiber and have some liquid.

Why does tea make you pee?

Tea doesn't make you urinate any more than any other drink containing water does. Whether you drink a 200ml glass of water or a 200ml mug of tea, you'll urinate the same amount. How much you urinate depends on how much you drink and how much of what you drink isn't absorbed by your bloodstream. Some caffeinated drinks can cause contractions to the bladder giving you the feeling that you desperately need to urinate, when in fact you don't. Therefore coffee would make you feel the need to urinate more than tea.

Why does it hurt when you urinate and get this burning feeling that makes you want to urinate again?

Drink more water! This is a danger to the bladder and kidney. Drink more than You usually do.

What is wrong when you urinate and its a bright yellow?

It means you have to drink more water and your urine is more concentrated

How does ginseng effect the body?

does ginseng make you urinate more frequently?

How much water do you drink to get heroin out of your system?

Heroin will usually stay in your system for 2-5 days. Drink several glasses of water so you urinate as much as possible before your drug test. But, be warned that drinking enough water to flush your system will result in clear urine which will be considered too diluted and you will fail your drug test. After you've drank enough water, and your urine is clear, drink enough soda to make you urinate a couple more times to make your urine a yellowish color.