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your body is made specifically to digest the food and pass it through your body not to reverse it. it takes a huge amount of energy to force everything back out, and return your body to homeostasis (its normal balanced level)

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Q: Why does vomiting make you weak?
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Do only people with weak stomachs vomit?

No. Vomiting has nothing to do with 'weakness'.

Can technology have positive affects on kids?

yes it can it can make there eyes go weak sometimes even blind it can give them brain damage and headaches or vomiting and even migraines

Will vomiting make your breasts smaller?


Why do hand muscles contract when vomiting?

Vomiting tends to make the body tense up. The hand muscles might contract as a result of this tensing. Also, vomiting can cause dehydration which can make muscles contract.

When was You Make Me Weak created?

You Make Me Weak was created on 2004-10-18.

Can vinegar help vomiting?

It would make you do it pretty well, if you drank enough of it...but as far as stopping vomiting, no it won't do that.

What is helpful during vomiting?

i honestly don't think anything is helpful during vomiting, unless u are vomiting because u are sick. after vomiting during sickness sometimes it can make u feel well again!

What can make the lungs weak?

Smoking can make your lungs very weak also drinking and other drugs...

When was vomiting gas invented?

vomiting gas was invented back in 1872, when thomas pumfrey developed a sexual fetish for vomiting and he needed a more effective way to please himself and make him vomit.

What can you give a cat to make it stop vomiting?

sea food

Does low aggregate demand make the economy weak?

what makes the economy weak

What make man weak?

Men can be made weak from a variety of things, including a poor appetite. Something devastating them emotionally can also make them weak, as well as mental abuse.