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I first guess would be something is blocking the fan/ blower motor. The filter could've been pulled into the blower fan and restricting the air flow causing the fan to pull to many amps and trip the breaker. The air coming through the duct at a room temperature could be the heaters in the air handler is coming on. First verify the outdoor unit is operating. Tron

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Q: Why does the central air blow out low force of air that isn't that cold and then it trips the breaker?
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Why will too many electrical devices operating at one time after blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker?

The load exceeds the limit of the breaker or fuse. For example a 20 amp breaker on a 120 volt circuit will handle 2400 watts. Exceed that wattage and the breaker will trip or the fuse will blow.

Can a melted cup in a dishwasher blow a circuit breaker?

Its not very likely.

What is to trip a circuit?

Usually it means to blow it, it broke - you need to flick a breaker or replace it as it blew.

What happens if you overload plug sockets?

the circuit breaker will trip or fuse will blow to open the circuit.

What happens to power if more current pass?

the amount of power going to the object will will cause the circut breaker to blow. if the object is not connected to a breaker then the object will catch on fire.

What is the meaning of the number 15 on a fuse or circuit breaker?

This is the amount of current that the wire in the fuse will "fuse" or open. and the Breaker will trip. Having said that, the time it takes to blow will depend on how close to the max the current is. If you put 13 amps on a 15 amp fuse, it will get hot enough to blow eventually. No fuse or breaker should have more than 80% load.

My central air conditioner does not blow cold air and the unit outside and is not running?

The problem is probably outside. Can`t tell you much more than that from here. The condenser unit outside was not running. I checked the circuit breaker box and found the 220 breaker had been switched off. Turned it back on and now it's running and I'm getting cool air.

What could be causing your ir-12 diedrich coffee roaster to blow a breaker in your breaker box?

First, determine the current draw of the coffee roaster, then check the breaker size. Using the formula, Watts = Amps * Volts, determine if the current draw of the coffee roaster is anywhere near the maximum current draw of the breaker. For example, if the roaster is using 14 Amps, and the circuit breaker is rated at 15 amps, that doesn't give much room for anything else on the circuit. Add up all of the current of all devices on the circuit (the one that trips the breaker) and either move things around so that you don't have too much load on a single circuit, or you may need to bring in an electrician to run a new circuit. If you are ABSOLUTELY certain that your appliances are nowhere near the rating of the circuit breaker, you could have a faulty breaker, in which case, bring in an electrician to replace the breaker.

Disadvantages of a fuse?

When the blow you need to have a replacement on hand before you can try the device again. A breaker can just be reset.

Why would plugging in an AC unit in a wall receptacle cause the fuse to blow or breaker to trip?

Is the receptacle a 110 or a 220 outlet? If it's a 110, it needs to be a 220. Are there other appliances, lights, etc. wired on the same outlet? If so, you may have to re-wire so that no other appliances, lights, etc. are wired into the same breaker. Usually the larger appliances such as air conditioners, central heat systems are wired to a separate breaker or fuse.

Every time you vacuum you blow the breaker in your house can you change the breaker?

Either your breaker switch needs to be changed for a heavier one, the pool equipment needs to be put on an other circuit or better still one of its own.It is best to talk to an ellectrician about the delails involved.

When you blow on an object is that an example of an unbalanced force?

It depends on whether it accelerates or not. If you blow on a tissue, it will probably move in the direction that you are blowing, because the force of your breath is greater than the force of static friction. Thus, it is accelerating, and unbalanced force is being exerted on it. But if you were to blow on a car battery, it probably wouldn't move. The static friction would balance out the force of your air, so it wouldn't accelerate. In this case, the force isn't unbalanced.