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It's either old or has a malfunction so try to patch it somehow or get a new one.

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Q: Why does the Gas cap leak on craftsman 25cc gas weed wacker?
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Craftsman 17 25cc Gas Weed Wacker parts?

where do i find a replacement gas tank for craftsman 17 25cc

Craftsman 17 25cc Gas Weed Wacker manual?

There are a few places you can find the Craftsman 17 25cc weed whacker manual online. You can also directly request the manual from the Craftsman company.

Craftsman 17 25cc Gas Weed Wacker model 530 5420?

a 530 model i believe is a 32 cc

What size line does craftsman 17 25cc weed wacker take?

1/8" feed line 3/16" return line.

What is the best weed wacker available and how much does it cost?

The best four stroke, gas powered weed wacker out there is probably the Honda HHT25SLTAT 25cc. It costs around $350 and can almost be considered a professional weed wacker. The Craftsman 79197 29cc 4-stroke trimmer is a good runner up, costing about $200. But, this weed wacker does not have a shoulder strap and it weighs 20 pounds before the gasoline is added.

Parts Manual Craftsman Weed Wacker?

What is the bottom cover on a weed wacker called? The bottom plastic part where the string is. just the plate

Craftsman 25cc weed eater model 358795190?

How do you ajust the cab and how do you replace the gas filter.

How do you replace fuel primer bulb on 32cc weed wacker?

primer bulb replacement on craftsman 32 cc week wacker

Gas leaking from craftsman weed wacker 32cc?

one of your lines are broken. really simple to fix.

Looking for Craftsman 24 Volt Weed Wacker part number 71.74805?

Need full spool replacement

What is the recommended brand of spark plug for a Craftsman 32cc Weed wacker sting trimmer?

Champion RCJ-6Y ... per the Manual.

How do you say weed wacker in Hebrew?

weed wacker = ויד וואקר (veed vahker)