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Here are five reasons for acid reflux reaction from drinking a cup of tea. There may be more. It is not the Tea that cause the acid reflux reaction.

1. The Tea has not been cleaned of metal filings, sticks, stones, insects and dust and the body is rejecting those foreign materials which have been brewed into the cup of Tea.

2. The Tea drink is made from the leftover dust and fannings of the Tea Harvest.

3. The Tea Blend you are drinking is a concoction of Black Teas from around the tea growing regions of the world. It is not a cup of tea from one country of origin.

4. The Tea Blend is a combination of Tea Flushes which do not blend properly.

5. Your system is too acidic caused by your current eating habits. sells pure Indian Teas that are cleaned and do not cause acid reflux for me when I drink them. There is a general lack of awareness about drinking tea here in North America not only among consumers but also among most of the tea sellers themselves. Pure Tea tastes great and is good for the mind and body. Tea is good for you. It is good for your health.

Pure Darjeeling Tea from the Premier's brand is the finest in the world that I have tasted.

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Q: Why does tea give you acid reflex?
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