Why does stomch rumming?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Why does stomch rumming?
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Proteins are digested in the stomach. the stomch walls consist of proteins.but the stomch wall is not digested. why?

because of the mucus like substance on the stomach walls.

What is inside of a blue whale stomch?


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Dani Williams is rumming Newfoundland right now.

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if you eat it raw it can give you stomch and bathroom problems

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

Why has a pregnant guppy stopped eating?

Because the guppy have baby inside it stomch

In what organ is the hydrolysis of a hamburgers protein initiated?

stomach, the stomch digests proteins

Can you suck in your stomch if your only a couple of weeks pregnant? will be fine. This action does nothing to harm the baby.

How do you spell stomch?

The correct spelling is "stomach."

What is an alcheseltzer?

Alka-seltzer is a white tablet that is used for when your stomch is upset.

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63 days to fully develope into kittens