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Well, some people think it does, because of the acids in soda (that make it fizz). However! You will be really glad to know that a food scientist tested this myth, and though soda does affect your teeth, it doesn't do enough damage to ruin your teeth as long as you take care of them. :)

(By the way, he dropped a brand new penny into a full cup of Coke and let it sit for 5 days, the penny came out clean, and undamaged. whoot!)

You can put a tooth in soda and it will be gone in about a day.

General rule of thumb: Drink more water.

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Q: Why does soda affects your teeth?
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Does anyone have a project like Which soda affects teeth the most?

uhm yea . its the brand called, Coka Cola.

Which soda stains your teeth?

All, it the acid in the soda the rot's your teeth

How soda can affect your teeth?

soda effects your teeth because the sugar just digs into your teeth.

Does soda have a worse affect in your teeth than juice?

Yes, Soda is bad if you drink to much of it and it can ruin your teeth. Juice is better for your teeth than soda.

What does soda do to teeth?

well, soda rots the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities to be easier made. and it makes your teeth yellower.

What affects gas?

vinegar and baking soda affects gas

What will dissolve in soda?

your teeth :) but it will take a LOT of soda

Which scientist discovered about soda harming your teeth?

I believe it was a study on the health affects of drinking soda. You should not drink soda at all as it's linked to cancer and all sorts of problems. Try some all natural sodas like Sierra Mist Natural

Do you recommend whitening teeth with baking soda?

They just SPOIL your teeth if you keep it on for a long time.To answer your question, baking soda.

How does soda affect teeth pictures?

The pictures rot just like the teeth will rot. I think the question needs to be rephrased to "How does soda affect teeth?" or "Why does soda affect teeth in pictures?"

Why do teeth rot in soda?

Teeth rot in soda because of the acidity level of soda. Colas are only one level different from that of battery acid.

Which soda is worst for you teeth in US?

cream soda is the worst