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it actually depends sometimes you don't just get gray hair for being or getting older it could be stress from work or a household family.

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Q: Why does our hair turn gray when we grow older?
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What does 'gray with age' mean?

You're hair starts to turn gray as you grow older.

Does leg hair turn gray?

yes as the person gets older they grow a lot of grey or white hair

Does everyone's hair turn gray?

yes, it all depend on your age the older you grow the more! Heredity is the number one factor as to whether or not a person's hair will turn gray as they age.

Does hair turn gray or white?

well I have known for gray first then as you get older it turns white

Do yorkie dogs hair turn blue gray when they are older?

yes since I have seen yorkies with blue gray hair Mine had the blue gray hair when we got him at 8mos.

Can dye gray hair turn gray again?

yes it can after some time it will. Your roots will grow out and your natural hair (which is gray) will need to be coloured again.

Why does your hair turn grey?

People get gray hair because they are under prolonged stress, or because they get older, or both.

Do all old peoples hair turn gray?

No not all old peoples hair turn gray. Some old people stay looking young. Yes. As we get older our follicles stop producing the colour for our hair so it turns gray but there are dyes and a lot of people use them.

What causes hair to turn gray at an older age?

As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand for hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color, like gray, silver, and white, as it grows. As people continue to get older, fewer pigment cells will be around to produce melanin. Eventually, the hair will look completely gray.

Why black hair turn to gray?

Y our hair turn gray is when you lose pigment. Pigment is the colour inside our hair. When people get older, there bodies don't produce as much pigment as when they are young. It is natural. If you dont believe me, ask your teacher! I just learnt it today!

Why does people hair turn gray when they get old?

When people get old their hair turns gray and I know how... Their hair cells die and their hair turns gray. :)

Do eyebrows turn gray?

Yes, they may turn grey as you get older.