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Maybe just because your just shy. Try to loosen up a bit. Or people will make fun of you for "talking like a man" when your just a girl

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Q: Why does my voice get deeper when I talk?
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How does Neji talk when he's 15?

The same except his voice is deeper

What age does your voice get deeper?

It depends. My voice got deeper when I was 12.

Why is Sophia bush's voice different deeper now?

Sophia Bush's voice was deeper due to her naturally raspy voice and her health. During the seasons where she had a deeper voice, she claimed that she was ill.

Can smoking make your voice sound deeper?

Yes it can. the reason why is because you can get lung cancer. your voice will sound deeper

Why does a teens voice crack?

Teen boys voices become deeper as they get older as their vocal cords lengthen and thicken so then their voice gradually gets deeper and other guys may find that their voice becomes deeper more quickly.

How come Justin's voice is not deep yet?

It is getting deeper... go look at the video from when hes in Germany on Wetten Das. His voice is getting deeper.

Is there any miner problems when you get a deeper voice during puberty?

Sometimes, the transition form childish voice to deeper voice is accompanied with a period where voice breaks. Here it feels like you have a tiny throat infection..but this is normal .

Did nat wolff's voice get deeper?

Yes. Alot deeper! and he got taller. ALOT taller!

If you start cracking your voice at 12 years old what age does it crack Also if your voice gets a bit deeper but it has not changed yet does it mean your voice will be changed soon?

My voice has got deeper but has ot yet cracked. his has been for like 6 months so im guessing it will take a while then one day you lose your voice and then it comes back deeper.

Is Justin Biebers voice getting deeper?


Why does batman talk with a deeper voice than Bruce?

So people (ie Commissioner Gordon) who meet them both Batman and Bruce Wayne won't realise its the same person.

Why does a boys voice change?

The vocal cords start to stretch. The longer the cords the deeper the voice.