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Since oil is a liquid. it can b known from that and from the known facts, oil has double bonds. no oil is completely saturated. the double bonds allow the iodine radicals to react to carbon molecules with double bonds in turn saturating the oil molecules. however the reaction takes place in a dark environment at boiling temperature and in presence of a suitable catalyst.

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Q: Why does iodine react with molecules in oils?
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How does Iodine react with water?

Iodine naturally occurs in water and cannot be found as an element, but rather as I2 molecules. When it reacts with water, the product is hypoiodite.

How many moles of iodine are needed to react with 5 moles of potassium to create potassium iodide?

Since molecules of potassium contain only single potassium atoms, molecules of iodine contain two atoms, and moles of potassium iodide contain one atom of each element, 2.5 moles of iodine are needed to react completely with 5 moles of potassium.

Why does iodine react with sugar?

Iodine does not react with sugar, it reacts with starch.

Does iodine react in hydrochloric acid solution?

Iodine will will not react with hydroelectric acid

As the atoms of the iodine react to form molecules of iodine the stability of iodine would do what?

The stability increases because Iodine has 7 valence electrons but when it bonds with another iodine atom it can share an electron (non polar covalent bond) and fill it's highest sub level making it more stable.

Do iodine and lithium bromide react?


Describe the bonding in a crystal of iodine?

iodine is made from diatomic iodine molecules,the two iodine atoms are covalently bonded with each other.the iodine molecules have dispersion forces so,the crystal is made from the dispersion forces between the iodine molecule.

What is principle of iodine test?

the iodine will react with carbohydrate to give different color .

Does iodine react to iodine?

No. If it did, it'd spontaneously boil, fume of burn in its container.

Why glycogen gives red colour with iodine?

When Iodine is added to amylose, the helical shape of the unbranched polysaccharide traps Iodine molecules, producing a deep blue-black complex. Amylopectin, cellulose, and Glycogen react with iodine to give red to brown colors. Glycogen produces a reddish-purple color.

What is antiseptic iodine made up of?

Iodine (I2) Molecules and water.

What is the formula of iodine crystals?

Iodine exists as I2. The crystal of iodine is formed simply by the interaction of iodine molecules as a result of Van de Waals forces, which allows for these molecules to bond together to form a solid.