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Q: Why does fresh urine smells like old urine?
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Why does 13 year old male urine smell?

It smells like urine. Ordinary urine.

Why do period blood smells?

Because it is old not fresh

What is the odour of ammonia?

Ammonia smells a lot like old urine or faeces. A non-hygienic unclean toilet will often smell of ammonia.

What a neria smells like?

it smells like rotten like a month old garbage can

Why would hamburger smell like urine?

Not necessarily. To begin with, urine smells like urine primarily due to it's ammonia content, not it's uric acid content. And secondly, the uric acid content of meat should not be that high - in bovine cattle it is excreted efficiently in a similar way to how it is excreted in humans. Also, some uric acid is present in human blood, but if you accidentally cut yourself and lick the wound, it does not taste like urine. However, I cannot explain why hamburger meat would smell like urine during cooking.

What does dirt smell like?

dirty: it smells like old wood and mulch clean: smells of rich soils and distinctly like fertiliser

What does a 90 degree urine sample mean?

that its old, fresh urine samples are usually between those temperatures. So if taking a drug test it can spotted that someone may have brought in someone else's urine because it isn't hot/fresh

What does it mean when your urine have a strong smell?

That's the smell of urea, which is a nitrogenous end product and therefore, a waste. This, mixed with water, is what forms urine.

What does Smoking Smell like?

It smells terrible it smells like old gas from the car when people smoke their teeth get ruined

Can you get a accerate reading from two week old urine?

It is difficult to get an accurate reading from urine that is two weeks old depending on the type of testing accomplished. In a 24 hour urine study, the urine must be fresh and refrigerated. Often, after a week, the urine will begin to grow bacteria colonies that obscure testing results.

How can you tell if a lady is horny?

if she smells like a old dead fish.

If a orange smells like a old moldy pumpkin is it bad?