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Q: Why does excessive alcohol intake lead to hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis?
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Can alcohol cause dementia?

Actually, there is something called alcohol dementia that is caused by excessive alcohol intake over many years.

Can you make a sentence using the bizarre?

David's bizarre behaviour was attributed to his recent excessive intake of alcohol.

What happens when you eat fatty foods before intake of alcohol?

You need much more alcohol to get drunk. It is most cost effective to drink before (or instead of) eating. Consumption of fatty meals after excessive alcohol intake does not generally annul the effects of alcohol.

What are some causes of gynecomastia?

Excessive alcohol intake, smoking marijuana, or using anabolic steroids may cause gynecomastia

What organ oxidizes 90 percent of alcohol?

The liver is the organ that oxidizes 90 percent of alcohol. This organ is responsible for processing all toxins in the body. Excessive intake of alcohol can cause permanent damage to the liver.

What are the effects on adults if they have fetal alcohol syndrome?

Cirocis of lever is the most fatal outcome from excessive alcohol intake, apart from damaging kidney,lung, high blood sugar level.

Why should women with menstrual disorders avoid smoking?

Also, avoiding excessive alcohol intake and quitting smoking may prevent missed periods.

What is excessive intake?

Excessive intake is when you take in something excessively... For example, if you really enjoy chocolate and happen to win a lifetime supply of it and you eat thirty pounds of it in one day, that would definitely qualify as "excessive intake."

Does calorimetry measure alcohol intake?

calorimetry=amount of calories you intake, not alcohol

When is gynecomastia not appropriate?

Excessive alcohol intake, marijuana use, or using anabolic steroids may cause gynecomastia. Surgery is not recommended for men who continue to use these products.

How does alcohol affect your bones?

Excess alcohol can interfere with the formation of new bone; that's why it's associated with low bone density. In addition, excessive intake increases the risk of fractures and other accidental bone injuries.

What will excessive calorie intake lead to?