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Ephedrine is a stimulant. It is similar to amphetamine, which is also a stimulant. It increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the "fight or flight" response.

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Q: Why does ephedrine keep you alert?
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Can you extract ephedrine from cattails?

Can you extract ephedrine from cattails

Why Feed dairy cows ephedrine?

They are not fed ephedrine.

IN order to keep alert to conditions in your zones you need to three range?

in order to keep alert to conditions in your zones you need to SEARCH three zones

How can you brew your own ephedrine?

you take your own ephedrine and brew it lol

Can you use ephedrine and not have it show up n a drug test?

Not if the test is for ephedrine.

How long will ephedrine hcl stay in body?

Ephedrine Hydrochloride (Ephedrine HCL) can be detected on drug tests as Methamphetamine 3 - 5 days after taking it .

Can you make ephedrine powder from liquid ephedrine?

It is not recommended to try to convert liquid ephedrine into powder form. This process involves potentially dangerous chemical manipulations that can lead to accidents and harm. It is best to use ephedrine products as directed and avoid attempting to alter their form.

How do you extract ephedrine from chicken feed?

The rumor that you can extract ephedrine from chicken feed is an urban legend. There are no chicken feed manufacturers that add ephedrine to their chicken feed.

How do you test for purity ephedrine?

Ephedrine can show a false positive for amphetamines on a drug test.

How much ephedrine a mineral block?

Zero. There are no salt blocks available on the market that have ephedrine in them.

What happens when the brain produces to much ephedrine?

The brain does not produce ephedrine, as it is not a chemical the body produces.

can stress response keep you alert and sharpen your concentration?

Yeah definetely!