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Q: Why does bulb purge on craftsman weedeater 32cc blow air into gas tank?
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My Craftsman weedeater starts and goes dead. What is wrong with it?

Have you checked the clutch switch located just inside the lower right hand side on the frame. It could be slightly disconnected, or have lawn shavings in between the plugin causing the connection to be broken. Try unplugging and blow the plug out with air supply. A can of air such as you use to blow out the computer dust will do.

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if you got a code saying this, then an easy way to check it is to pull out fuse number 58 which is next to battery in a fuse box, a 10 amp fuse, also above coil pack number 5 is the purge unit, disconnect the vacuum hoses and try and blow through the valve, it should be restricted, when you hook the valve to a power source, you should be able to blow through it

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