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I think you have air in the brake lines.

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Q: Why does brake pedal feel normal most of time but occasionay go to floor on LX450?
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Is it normal if brake pedal goes within 2 inches of floor on a 1999 Saturn 1 after replacing brake pads and bleeding system if car stops ok?

No Good, Excessive brake travel!

How do you brake a computer?

Through on the floor

Why does 89 Honda Civic Brakes go to the floor in the summer and is normal in the winter?

The brake fluid will be thinner in the summer heat. Check the wheel and master cylinders for any leaks. The leak will let the pedal go to the floor.

Can worn brake pads make your brake pedal to go to the floor?

no you have a brake fluid leak somewere

Can you use brake fluid in a floor jack?


How do you do a burnout?

Hold the Brake and floor the gas -_-

How does a clutch break work?

If a truck has a clutch brake it would only be used when coming to a complete stop. By pushing the clutch peddle completely to the floor you would apply the clutch brake. This stops the clutch disc from spinning making it easier to shift into 1st or reverse gear. Normal shifting while driving you would not need to or want to push the clutch peddle to the floor to activate the clutch brake.

Brake peddle firm until engine starts then goes to floor?

replace brake booster

What can be the problem a 1996 contour brakes do not work but rear window brake works and you hear a clicking in the drive console when car in park and brake pedal is depressed?

Can't say that I fully understand the question. Rear window brake? Brakes don't work? Please explain. Does brake pedal go to the floor? No brake fluid in Master cylinder? due to leak. Brake pedal has normal travel but no stopping? Worn brake linings. Clicking in console could be normal, sounds like shift interlock is working properly. Allowing you to shift from "park" into other shift positions. Have to step on brake pedal to allow shift.

91 ford explorer brake go to the floor?

dont fully understand? if the brake pedal went to the floor there is a hole in the line some where or braking system If you are saying it is going straight to the floor like "whoosh" without any pressure then it is either your brake booster or master cylinder or both.

Can the brake booster cause your brake pedal to go to the floor?

No, a busted brake booster will not cause the brake pedal to go to the floor. It will however cause the brake pedal to be extremely hard to push. A defective master cylinder will cause what you describe. Replace the master cylinder and bleed the brakes. It can because it happened to me. The booster lost vaccum and the pedal went to the floor. Sorry, you are wrong. The only reason the pedal went to the floor was because the master cylinder failed. The brake booster only boosts the pressure on the master cylinder and allows you to not have to push so hard on the brake pedal. Cars of yesteryear did not even have a brake booster and they stopped just fine albeit you had to push the pedal allot harder than with power brakes. A failing brake booster will not cause your pedal to go to the floor although it might cause it to go lower than normal before the brakes apply. As long as the master cylinder is good you will still have brakes, but you will have to really push hard and might even have to pump them up in order for them to stop the car.

Why does the parking brake pedal go to the floor on a 97 suburban?

probably have broken parking brake cable.