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Q: Why does an antacid make you feel better?
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How do anticid tablets make you feel better?

They make you feel better, because they get rid of the acid in your stomach that you don't need and this would be neutralizing the acid in your stomach to make you feel better. When the antacid tablet goes into your stomach if fights the acid and gets rid of it. Gaviscon is a type of antacid tablet.

Who will make you feel better when your ill?

A doctor will make you feel better when your ill because he/she mite give you medicine.

Will sriracha make you lips feel better?

Yes it makes your lips feel better

Can minerals make you feel better?

No, minerals cannot make you feel better. Taking mineral supplements can increase your health. However, it cannot make you feel better after something awful just happened...for example break-up or death.

Should you lie to make someone feel better?

You should never lie to make someone feel better, all they want is the truth!

Why does toast make you feel better when you are sick?

It makes you feel better because bread is good for you when your sick

How can you prevent indigestion?

Don't eat too quickly, and if you feel indigestion coming, take an antacid.

How do you make anal feel better?

don't do it

Does human contact make you feel better?

It most likely does because when no one is around , you get lonely. But when you positively interact with someone, it will make you feel better.

How to make a girl feel better Her parents just told her that she has to give her dog away and I have no idea what to say to help make her feel better?

If a girl has to give her dog away, she will be very sad. The best way to make her feel better is with love and understanding.

What should virgins do to make their partner feel better?

Tell them how they feel if they comfortable to.

Is milk good for ulcers?

Not really, it can soothe the burning you feel but it can be hard to digest and may cause your stomach to generate more acid later. Water or an antacid is better.