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Cuz they feel like it.

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Q: Why does a person constantly criticize other people?
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Why do you criticize other people instead of looking at your own behavior?

a hypocrite

Do people from other religions criticize eid ul adha?

I, think they don't.

How would you use criticize in a sentence?

I cannot criticize you.If you weren't there, you shouldn't criticize my actions.I can't believe he has the audacity to criticize our work on the project, when he has contributed practically nothing to it himself.I gave you my manuscript because I wanted you to criticize it honestly.How can you criticize her parenting skills so harshly, when you have no idea what it's like to be a parent yourself?You can't create or build anything yourself because you have no imagination whatsoever, so instead you just criticize what other people create and build.Many people criticize his odd paintings.

What do you call someone who protects his own religion but criticize and rumoured about other religions?

We call those people "Hypocritical".

What is dormat?

A doormat is a reference to a person that is constantly walked over by other people. People that allow others to miss treat them are sometimes referred to as a doormat.

Why is an obsequious sycophant called a toady?

A Toady is an obsequious sycophant. An obsequious sycophant is a person who constantly flatters important people. Other people would call this person a toady. Obsequious: Complaisance of compliant, dutiful and obedient. Sycophant: A person who flatters higher or important people Toady: A mixture of Obsequious and Sycophant By: Emmy

Is it bad to pick on someone?

Yes, it is bad to pick on someone. It hurts the person being picked on, but you already knew that. Even more important for you, it shows other people around you what kind of person you are. People constantly picking on other people are seen as nasty and rude. If it carries over to adulthood in the United States, it can lead to a law suit and jail.

Don't criticize as found in the Bible?

You may be referring to "Don't judge, lest you be judged." A lot of people take this to mean that one person should never judge another person, but taken in context (Matthew 7:1-3) the meaning is that if someones judges (or criticizes or condemns) another person, they will be held to the same standard they wish to impose on the other person.

What is an Alibi Ike?

An Alibi Ike is a person who is constantly providing excuses for shortcomings, errors, or other difficulties.

What do they call a person who criticize?

Such a person might be described as a critic. Depending upon the validity of the criticisms in question, other terms might also be used. A person who makes unnecessary or unkind criticisms would be described as unpleasant (or other terms that would be impolite for me to mention).

Why are some races more subversive than others?

It is not the person's race, it is the person's culture that shapes their behavior. Race is inherited from parents, and so too is culture mostly, but don't confuse the two. To criticize people based on their race is called being racist and unfair since they can't change that. To criticize people's culture is acceptable, but keep in mind that what you find acceptable in your culture might not be acceptable by people from other cultures. In tribal cultures for example, gaining favor from the Chief by giving him/her gifts is not subversive but acceptable. In democratic societies it would be seen as corruption and frowned upon or made ilegal.

A person who puts up with other people's faults is a?

A person who puts up with other people's faults is tolerant