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Fernando Botero is a Columbian artist. He does not hate fat people. Instead, he has said he's never painted a fat person, but has exaggerated the sizes of people he draws.

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Q: Why does Fernando botero hate fat people?
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Artists who paint fat people?

Fernando Botero.

What type of painting does Fernando botero do?

he liked painting fat unrealistic people as you can see from most of his paintings.

What inspired Fernando Botero?

Fernando Botero was born on April 19, 1932.

What Nicaraguan artist painted fat woman?

Fernando Botero is from Columbia, not Nicaragua, but he does paint fat women. The Nicaraguan artist is Sergio Velazquez.

Why is Fernando botero obsesed with fat drawings?

cause that's the way uh ha uh ha he likes it!

Why did Fernando botero draw fat people?

He likes to show not only the outer beauty of a person, but as well as the inner beauty of a person. People thought that if your fat, you are ugly or not that beautiful. This is why he drew people like that

Who is a painter who painted voluptuous women and obese people?

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) is famous for preferring very plump women as models. Fernando Botero (active today) paints exaggeratedly fat people. Jenny Saville, English conteporary painter

Why did Fernando Botero paint Mona Lisa at age 12?

Originally Fernando Botero didn't set himself to paint a young Mona Lisa. He had painted a Colombian girl (aged 12). While he was living in New York City in the early sixties, the woman that cleaned Botero's apartment saw the painting and told him that it resembled the Mona Lisa. Botero picked-up on that comment, modified the painting and renamed it, Mona Lisa,age 12

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Do fat people hate carrots?

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Why does cordeeja hate fat people?

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