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England touches the Gulf Stream Current which brings in warm water and when that reaches Englands cold land + air it creates evaporation and the fog is just water vapor extended in the air and when it gets up high it cools down and creates condensation. This condensation creates clouds and rain.

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Q: Why does England get so much fog?
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How can you use the word fog in a sentence?

There was so much fog outside that it was hard for me to see, so I had to stay indoors.

Why is London called foggy city?

London Fog is so thick because of pollution. The fog, when mixed with the foul pollution of the area, becomes so thick it has another name (pea soup fog). This is why London Fog is so thick. London hasn't had this type of fog (smog) for around 50 years

What place has the most fog .?

England is known for it

How much are fog lights?

how much should used fog lights cost me

Fog and a mixture a fine water droplets in the air example of an emulsion yes or no?

Fog is an emulsified water in air. The tiny water droplets are scattered so much so that it inhibits precipitation.

Where is pea soup fog located?

"Fog as thick as pea soup," is a metaphor, more specifically a simile that is used to describe any fog that is so thick you cannot see much more than a couple feet in any direction. Typically, this type of fog occurs in low lying areas immediately adjacent to a large body of water, say the ocean. More typically, the area of land that might experience such thick fog is usually located (in the Northern Hemisphere) to the east of that body of water. both San Fransisco and London, England have seen their share of fog like pea soup.

Why does san fransisco have so much fog?

the cool ocean current cools the air along the coast, causing water vapor in the atmosphere to condense and form fog.

Why does CA coast have so much fog?

when i visited San Francisco they told us that it was because the fog is created on the sea and that the windblows it on to the land... i know this isn't much information but that's really all i remember. <3

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