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Clutch engaging/charged- (freon) I would check those things next. If you are low R12, you might have a bad o ring somewhere.

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Q: Why does AC blow warm air had compressor replaced last year?
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Why would the ac blow cold out of the passenger vents and warm air out of the driver vents on a 97 Grand Prix GT?

This happened to mine every year for 4 years. First few times it was a hose to the compressor, last time it was the actual compressor that had to be replaced...bought it on Ebay for around $300

Why does your air conditioner blow warm air with the compressor running?

Heatstrips could be on with ac

What causes Condensing unit to blow cold air outside and warm air inside vents?

Compressor not operating.

You have replaced the water pump thermostat and bled the system on your 2000 Chevy venture it still blows cold to luke warm air any ideas thanks?

The heater core is plugged. Blow it out with a compressor. If that does not work replace the heater core.

What causes the AC in a 1999 Ford Escort to blow warm air?

If the compressor is not turning on it could be as simple as low refrigerant level. If the compressor IS turning on, it might be a stuck heater core valve.

Why does the ac blow warm humid air more often than cold air in a car?

Sounds like your compressor is locking up.

Why does your heat pump blow cold at first?

It takes a few minutes of run time for the compressor to warm up the discharge gas, which is the heat source.

Can a orifice tube cause the ac to blow warm air?

Yes, If the orifice tube was clogged or damaged. A faulty desiccant bag or compressor are usually the cause.

Why does the ac on your 2001 Cadillac blows cold at speed but will blow warm at idle and the rear air always blows warm?

low freon, bad compressor, clogged lines, plugged condenser etc etc

Why does your window AC unit blow cold air for an hour then starts to blow warm air?

It is possibly due to th compressor disconnecting itself due to overheating ("thermal overload"). It could also be a faulty thermostat.

What is causing your auto heater to blow cold air instead of warm or hot air?

dual control damper needs replaced how do you change it

Why does your heater not blow out warm air?

if the heater does not blow out warm air change the setting.