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Q: Why does 5th gear not pullits just like neutral?
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Does neutral count as a gear?

No, that is like how much is zero gears.

Why won't my dirt bike start in gear when the clutch is pulled in but it will start in neutral?

It needs adjusted it is still engaging. just like when it is running in Neutral and you put it in first gear it idles down more so than typical of a bike doesnt it ?

Does a 2006 2 HP Four Stroke Honda Outboard engine run only in forward gear or also in neutral gear?

It runs, but the driveshaft is not engaged, works just like a car.

What happened if a 1992 Hyundai Excel with an automatic transmission was just driving along and it was like it went into neutral no forward gears and no reverse gear?

time to get new trannie

How do you go back to neutral from high gear on a motorcycle?

Pull the clutch lever and downshift until the bike is in neutral. When the clutch is engaged it's just like neutral =================== a>clutch b>tap tap tap tap tap down on the lever. as many times as you want. You likely will feel it once it is in 1st. c> tap UP half a step It should feel light, not like a full gear change. Your neutral indicator light will light up if you have one. d> let go of the clutch slowly. Always slowly, just in case you left it in gear. If you did, then you can pull it back before you start moving.

Engine runs but the car wont move its a 5-speed manual when shifted into gear the wheels don't move and the car acts like it is in neutral it wont even stall out it just stays in gear is it the clutch?

Sounds like a bad clutch or pressure plate

If 2002 Nissan Altima stalls when put into gear what is wrong?

it sounds like the neutral switch

If third gear on an S10 five speed doesn't work and doesn't make any noise just acts like it is in neutral what is wrong?

You may have lost or worn your sincros.

When driving your car the rpm goes up to 5000rpm and engine roars like it is not in gear?

yes, its in Neutral.

Why does your Honda Accord act like it goes into neutral while driving down the road?

Because it is going into neutral. This is called "popping out of gear." It means the transmission's shot.

Why does your 2000 grand am start in second gear when in drive?

Sounds like the neutral switch is out of position on the shifter or transmission

Why is your automatic transmission stuck in forward gear even when you have it in park neutral or reverse?

Sounds like you have a busted linkage somewhere