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some people don't really care but some people do and the reason for wiping your feet before coming into the house is because if you just polished your floors or got your carpet cleaned OR if you were playing outside your mom or someone wouldn't want their house to get all dirty from your dirty stinking feet would they? THE ANSWER IS NO THEY WOULDN'T WANT YOURS DIRTY STINKING FEET MESSING UP SOMEONE'S HOUSE!!!!

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Q: Why do you wipe your feet before you come in the house?
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Why do you wipe your feet before you come into the house?

so no germs come in the house and make footprints

Why do you wipe your feet before you come in to the house?

It is manners and that way you do not bring any dirt from your shoes into your house.

Why do you wipe your feet before you entre the house?

because you could bring everything from your feet into the house

What do the muddy footprints on the carpets suggest?

Someone did NOT wipe their feet before the came in!

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Tom was jumping in puddles outside on a rainy day,while his mom was cleaning the house.Tom was hungry,so he went inside to get a snack.He didn't remember to wipe his feet before he came in.So he made footprints all over the house.

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