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Q: Why do you throw up when you have a concussion?
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Why do you need to eat clear liquids after a concussion?

They are trying to make sure you do not throw up.

Could you have concussion and not know it?

The symptoms of concussion are dizziness and nausea (feeling like you might throw up) and a sore head. However it is possible to have delayed concussion which means that the injury has happened but you don't get the symptoms until later. This can be a problem if you have gone home alone thinking that you are OK and the symptoms come on when there is no-one around to get you to hospital.

What does it mean when you cough up blood during a concussion?

It means you need to go to the hospital. You have more than a concussion!

Violent shaking up or jarring of the brain?


What happens when you get a concussion?

when you get a concussion. you black out and don't remember anything. when you wake up you will be asking questions and everything and wont know where your at. then you will start remembering stuff as soon as your up.

You fell on your head when you were skating it hurts and you felt like you were going to throw up?

Go to the hospital. It sounds a bit like concussion or another head injury. It is very important that you see a doctor as soon as possible

Violent shaking up or jarring of the brain is known?


Violent shaking up or jarring of the brain is known as?


What is a double concussion?

A double concussion is a concussion that immediately follows the first concussion, or occurs before the injured party is asymptomatic.

What are the effects of smoking marijuana after having a concussion?

It made me throw up pretty bad. I was okay until I smoked, but after I did I became nauseous and pretty pukey. The next day the same thing happened. You definitely need to let your head heal.

Is it okay to fly 25 hours in a plane with a bad concussion?

Long as you're not the pilot, and you got plenty of water and a place to throw up in, I suppose you'll be kipper. Oh, and bring some kippered salmon or moose meat. -NotADoctor

How do you regurgitate?

to throw up to throw up