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Q: Why do you think time has managed?
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Why do you think time has to be managed?

Don't manage ur time, just try 2 adjust ur activities

Who managed Argentina when maradonna played?

It was managed by Menotti I think.

What are the duties of an Egyptian priest?

well they i think they managed the temples

What English football manager has managed the most teams?

i think it was Scott farly

Can you make paper airplanes?

I have managed to make quite a few in my time.

Do you think that managed forests guarantee that there will be a study supply of conifers why or why not?

Most people think that managed forests guarantee that there will be a study of the supply of confers in a particular area. Because they are directly monitored by a private or government agency, they are responsible for the upkeep and sustainability of the forests.

What is a past perfect verb tense for the word managed?

Past perfect s formed with -- has + past participle.Managed is the paste participle of manage. Past perfect verb is had managed egShe had managed to frighten the dog away by the time we arrived.

Why is Harry Potter so dumb and annoying?

Harry Potter is smart, he received seven O.W.L's with high marks and he managed to defeat the darkest wizard of all time. It is your personal opinion wither you think he is annoying or not and if you think that you must have your own reasons for doing so.

Who managed the 1961 New York Yankees?

The 1961 World Champion New York Yankees were managed by Ralph Houk, a former part-time catcher.

What are some of the advantages of managed web hosting?

One of the biggest advantages to managed web hosting is that it frees up time to dedicate to other tasks. Rather than spending time on the website, a business can use that time to increase customer base, provide services and increase production.

What are the benefits of having a Forex managed account?

One benefit of having a Forex managed account is that you do not have to have a lot of time and that it is no problem if you are busy, because there are people who look for your investments. This can save you a lot of time. Another benefit is that professionals take care of your accounts.

Who managed the Irish team which played in 2002 world cup final?

I think it was Nick McCarthy, now at Wolves.