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Q: Why do you think age generally means a lower Vital Capacity?
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What does TV ERV and VC mean?

TV means tidal volume, ERV means expiratory reserve volume, and VC means vital capacity.

What does non vital mean?

since vital means living, healthy, i could only say that non vital means not living and healthy

Is lung capacity better higher or lower?

Higher. This means your lungs can hold more air.

What does the word 'vital' mean?

Vital means something important or essential.

Do the appeal courts have to make a verdict?

The "verdict" of an appeals court is generally limited to either affirming or voiding the decision of the lower court. If they void it, they will generally remand it to the lower court, which basically means telling the lower court "Here's what you did wrong. Now do it again, keeping this in mind."

What are the affects of exercise on vital capacity?

Exercise increases vital capacity because the lungs need more oxygen to supply the muscles with vital nutrients and the tougher the exercise the more nutrients needed. the lungs expand during this to account for the extra need hence increasing the vital capacity

What is current choking in transformers?

The "current choking" means that the maximum capacity of a transformer is not being utilized. To prevent it from ever reaching its maximum capacity a lower value of over current protection or fuse is installed. The purpose is to use larger capacity transformer available but using smaller distribution and cables just sufficient for the application to lower the installation cost.

What part of speech is the word vital?

The word vital is an adjective. It means to be necessary or essential.

Does vital have any connection to vitality?

Vital and vitality both have the word for life as their root. Vital means absolutely necessary, as in no life without it. Vitality simply means filled with the life force.

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Pensacola has a humid, subtropical climate which means short, generally mild winters along with hot, humid summer temperatures. Summer highs are in the lower nineties and lows in the mid seventies, while winter lows are generally in the lower forties.

What does thick string mean?

Generally means a lower tone and a stronger, fuller sounding tone. Mostly seen on bass guitars.

What does capacity mean?

Do I have the capacity to explain the meaning of the word "capacity"? Capacity here means ability. My coffee pot has the capacity of 4 cups. Capacity here means how much it can hold. Jack was hired in the capacity of Sales Manager. Capacity here means function. That's about all the capacity that I have