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You need to see a doctor because this is not normal.

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Q: Why do you sometimes only see in black and white?
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Can black labs only see black and white?

yes actually all dogs see black and white

Do cats see black and white like dogs?

It depends on what your question is. Cats do not see only black and white, but they do see black and white, as well as other colors(though the colors are blurry :/)

Is dogs only allowed to see black and white?

Its not that they are only allowed it is just how the species is made they were made just to see black and white. It is something to do with the eye and how it is formed and stuff I don't know all about it but it is just the way that the species were made that they can only see black and white.

Do opposite colours attract if you wear a black sweater you only get white dog hairs on it and if you wear a white sweater you only get black dog hairs on it?

No, it just appears that way. White hairs are easier to see on black and black hairs are easier to see on white.

Can some people only see in black and white?

Yes, some people do see in black and white. This is called color blindness.

Why dogs can't see in black and white?

Dogs do see black and white. And some other colors too. Only not as well as humans.

Do trout fish only see black and white?

No, in colour

Can dogs see the color tan?

No. only in black and white.

Do dogs distinguish colors?

no they only see black and white

What is it called where you see only black and white?

colour blind

Do color blind people know if there skin is white or black?

Sort of. They only see a shade of gray, black, or white.

What does a dogs eyesight look like?

Their eyesight is 50 50. They can see more colors than black and white. The can see: Black white gray blue but sometimes confuse orange and green So unless a dog has only 1 eye, or a blind eye(s) then you shouldn't worry