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Q: Why do you sit up while sleeping?
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Your budgies sit on one leg?

Often They will sit on one leg while they are sleeping or just before/ after. If your budgie sleeps with two legs then it is said to be a sign of illness.

If your nose bleeds while you are sleeping what should you do?

You shove a 1m2 by 5m2 banquet up your nose. Sit for the night. (trust me it works) Make sure you eat lots of cheese. (cheese clears the nose)

Sentence using the word futile?

It was futile to sit up waiting for Santa. Remember: he sees you when you're sleeping.

What does in mean when you are sleeping and hear the door bell?

It means there is someone is at your door and just woke you up while you were sleeping.

Is it true that you eat spiders while sleeping?

No, they will wake up when you grab them.

Is good to keep your clothes on while sleeping?

I suppose that is up to you. But the clothes will likely make sleeping uncomfortable. They will get wrinkled too.

Why do you burp when you wake up from sleeping in a desk?

Just as you sleep on bed, you breath in and out while sleeping. The only difference is that you are sitting down with only your head down, and your body slightly crouched. In effect, your gas is building up because you cant burp while your sleeping do the gas comes back when you wake up.

Can bed bugs crawl up your pants leg while your sleeping?


What is the duration of While You Were Sleeping?

The duration of While You Were Sleeping is 1.72 hours.

How should I breathe when doing a sit up?

Exhale while sitting up and inhale while going back down.

How do you die a bed in Minecraft?

You can die in a bed by sleeping in the nether. You can also die in a bed if you get blown up while your sleeping, however you cannot just wake up and be dead.

When was While You Were Sleeping created?

While You Were Sleeping was created on 1995-04-21.