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Q: Why do you need to keep your surrounding clean?
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Why you should keep your surrounding clean?

simple. We should all keep our surroundings clean, because.. who want's to live with a filthy environment? Keeping our surroundings clean will also contribute to having a SAFER surrounding, also having a clean surrounding will ensure a healthy body!

How can we keep our surrounding clean?

first we should keep our house clean and then keep our surrounding clean. people are put their wastes in out of their houses. so, mosquitoes are surrounds our house and cause chickengunia, etc.... so we should put our wastes in any dustbin in out side of their houses.for keeping the surroundings clean for which we daily have to work

How do you keep your surrounding clean and safe?

For me, I used to cleaned my surrounding everyday, that is way I always kept it cleaned and safe.

Why do you need to keep clean?

Yuh need a keep clean so you are your not dirty dumbos

How do you make India healthy?

India can be healthy and safe. You have to keep your surrounding clean.

What measures should be observed to keep the surrounding of your home clean?

kapatal mo

Why should you keep your surrounding clean essay?

WikiAnswers does not provide essays. You will have to do this homework yourself.

What is the importance of cleaning home surrounding?

Cleaning is most important part of every thing and keep your home surrounding clean which is very necessary for all homes.

How can someone keep their ear piercings clean?

To keep the pierced ears and surrounding area clean and free from infection, use anti-bacterial soap and water to wash twice a day. Keep turning the earrings as well as taking them in and out.

Why do you need to wash your hair?

To keep it clean

Improvement in water and sanitation can control many disease explain with the help of examples?

yes improvement in water sanitation can control many disease like maliria and dihorea which causes by water and poor sanitation. If we will keep our surrounding clean then whole probleam will over. So keep your surrounding clean

Why should you keep your class rooms clean?

For Healthy atmosphere and sorroundings you need to keep your class rooms clean.