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Because when you drink your bladder gets full so you go the toliet and it cmes out

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Q: Why do you need to go to the toliet?
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Can you become incontinent from wearing a diaper?

Yes you can if you wear diapers 24/7 and do not need a toliet. I do not wear a diaper myself, but I find it convenient to let it go and not have to go to the toliet.

A person with chronic diabetes will exhibit signs of?

metabolic acidosis

Where does poop go from the toliet?

the ocean

Where do Tasmanian devils go to the toliet?

I think on the ground.

How do you eat and go to the toliet in space?

in a space station of course

When do people no when to go to the toliet?

When they fell that the poo or pee is coming

What is the difference between a toilet room and a bathroom in Europe?

toliet room has a toilet and its where you go potty. A bathroom is where people bathe and there is NO toliet, just a bath

What does INTBNSTP mean?

It means in the bathroom need some toliet paper.

Why do boys have to stand when they go to the toliet?

They don't have to stand. They can sit if they choose.

Where did pooh go somewhere in kingdom hearts 2?

down the toliet.

Why is sore when a go toliet?

It hurts when you go the toilet because you do not eat enough fruit and veg. :)

Who can use the national library of Jamaica?

simple. go to their bathroom go to the toliet and drink the water