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In take of air its common

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Q: Why do you make a weird noise when you yawn?
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What is that weird sound you make when you yawn?

This is a funny question that I just had to take a stab at! :) I do not think it is actually the yawn that makes the noise, but most people stretch when they yawn. This is known as pandiculation. This is just a guess but when you stretch it tightens the vocal chords similar to the strings on a guitar. The yawn itself takes in air quickly which strum the chords (hope you can follow a metaphor, cause I can't think of how else to explain it) and produce the noise you hear when you yawn. This is why breathing alone does not cause the noise because the vocal chords are not tightened. Like if you were to try and play a guitar with very loose strings, it would make no sound. This is just a theory, but it is the best explanation that I have. :)

Can giraffes yawn?

No but they make a noise that sounds like barking

What sound does Houndour the Pokemon make?

a weird noise

Why is it when you yawn your daughter acts really weird?

Exactly how weird, and for how long? It is possible that you are unaware of something really odd or funny about your body movements or vocalizations when you yawn, and your daughter's weirdness is an attempt to stifle a reaction that she thinks might embarrass you. If that's the case, you have a chance to bond a little, have a laugh and a yawn or two, and maybe learn to yawn in a less, well, gaping manner? For some reason, your question really gives me a weird urge to see you yawn.

Why cats make a weird noisy when iPad them?

They purr to tell you that they like it. And it is not a weird noise! It is one of the best sounds in the world!

Why does my webcam make a weird noise when I talk to friends?

your web cam makes a weird noise because of the web cam not you the web cam mic normally has a bit of a bad pick up so the more money you spend on it the less of the noise it will make. so if you speak clearly it will not make as much of a problem

Does a female deer make a sound while in birth?

Yes a soft, weird noise

Can your stomach make weird noise a week pregnant?

Yes it can. It gas bubbles in ur stomach..

What sound do geese make do they squack?

no geese dont squak geese make a kinda honking noise and i know that sounds weird:):):):):)

Why do dogs make weird noises?

Well, dogs make weird noises for all sorts of reasons, they usually make noises if they want something like food or to be let outside. When dogs make weird nosies it is just like when we need to say something we talk, dogs bark or make a noise.

What makes a microwave make weird noise when heating chocolate?

i dont know, i think it is the chocloates resolate frequency

Why does the engine on my 97 Chev Cavalier make a weird noise?

Without hearing it no one could possibly know.