Why do you have lots of gas?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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because u have lots of air in your tummy!

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Q: Why do you have lots of gas?
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How much does an oil and gas lawyer earn?

Lots. and lots.

How do you poison trees?

pour gas on them, lots of it

Do particles of a gas have lots of energy?


Do Particles in gas have lots of energy?


What does 8 cylinders mean for a car?

lots of power lots of stops at a gas station.

A fact about natural gas?

natural gas is an nonrenewable resource and causes lots of pollution

Where is gas useful?

Gases are useful for lots of things. you might need to specify on what gas it is?

Why will carbon make lots of bonds?

because it is a gas

What helps something catch on fire?

gas and lots of it

How much gasoline is really in gas?

Which gas? There are lots of them. Gas is a stage of matter (solid, liquid, gas) not what you seem to think it is. So your answer is - who knows.

A gas has?

A gas is something you would find mostly in carbon dioxide which is what we breath in. Gas is in lots of things. Like liquid.

Is the Sun made of molten metal?

No. Mostly hydrogen gas, with lots of Helium gas mixed in.