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Because everyone is an idiot and everything is crap

It seems you are suffering from mental trauma and pessimism has griped your mind. You are looking at negative aspect of life and that is why you can not endure others who are around you. Better, go for a counselling and this phase of your life will be over.

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Q: Why do you hate everything and everyone around you?
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Why do you have an urge to break everything in sight including people?

I break everything and everyone around me because the world is to big and i lose touch with myself and get angry at everything i see and hate every interaction you make.

Why do I suck at everything and why does everyone hate me?

maybe because you dont try hard enough or your not kind. :)

Is it normal for teens to hate everyone and everything around them?

Everyone goes through a hard time every once in awhile, and yeah it is normal for a teens feelings to be at the "extreme" a lot if not all the time. Just a stage in life.

What did Francis of Assisi hate?

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What is a misomaniac person?

A person who fears being hated by everyone. They might also have the tendencies to hate everything as well.

How can you prevent people from hating?

Try to be kind to everyone around you and be especially kind to those that hate you. Eventually everyone will love you.

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Because everything they say is true and you deserve it.

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What causes misanthropy?

Is this even a question? When you hate everyone, you will always hate everyone, because hate breeds hate. Misanthropy is an intellectuals allergic reaction to the world.

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