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The medical term for teeth grinding during sleep is called Sleep Bruxism. The list of possible causes for teeth grinding at night is long. Look up a teeth grinding support group online to get specific help.

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Q: Why do you grind your teeth in your sleep?
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You grind your teeth when you sleep?

yes everyone does at some point and time

Why do you grind your teeth when you sleep?

because animals suk ur bum

Why do you grind your teeth?

when you are in some sort of stress during your day you grind your teeth in your sleep or it has to do with a habbit of yours but to let you kno wyou gutta stop doing it couseit can harm your teeth badly and make it crooked

Why do people gnash their teeth while they sleep?

Clenching and grinding of the teeth is called Bruxism. Some symptoms would be a sore jaw in the morning, possibly headaches and sensitive teeth. You can talk with your dentist and get a custom made nightguard to sleep with and even though you may still clench and grind while asleep, the damage to your your teeth is not happening.

What might your partner do in their sleep that keeps you awake?

Snore Talk Kick Grind teeth Toss and turn

Do your teeth get loose when you sleep?

Usually not. However if you're one of those who grind their teeth when you sleep they can indeed feel a little loose in the morning. If that's the case you need to have it checked out, as it can lead to teeth wearing out, headaches and all sorts of things.

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What type of change occurs when teeth cut and grind food?

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