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If you sleep during the day, this may result in improper sleep at night. It is a good idea to sleep at night so that you aren't sleeping all day.

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Q: Why do you get improper sleep in day time?
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Do black Moor's sleep?

yes most of the time its at night but the they can sleep at day time also(:

What time of the day do bottle nose dolphins sleep?

They don't ever sleep they swim all day

What time in the day do white tigers sleep?

in the day and night

What do lions do in the day?

Sleep most of the time.

What time of day does a bee sleep?

At noon

How do a gray foxes sleep?

day time

How many hours does dog sleep?

they sleep and sunbake on a weekend if it is sunny and they sleep at the end of the day or they sleep whenever they r tired and they sleep if it is a rainy day

Do guiena pigs sleep?

they sleep at night but only for a short time they mostly sleep through the day

What time of day do blue whales sleep?

It is not known what time of the day blue whales sleep. The blue whale is one of the largest and heaviest animals in the world.

When does a penguin rest?

Penguins do not have a regular sleep pattern. They sleep when they have the chance to, which can be any time of the day or night, but they do not usually sleep for long periods of time.

What do you called a short sleep in the day time?

a nap

Does hamsters really sleep for a long time?

No because they are nocturnal so they play at night and sleep in the day time