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'if you have cold feet put on a hat" if your head is warm usually your feet will be too

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Q: Why do you get hot feet even when barefoot?
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What happens to your feet when you walk barefoot on hotsand?

I have actually done this on the beach in the summer. If you walk barefoot on hot sand, it feels hot. I didn't get any actual blisters, though.

When was Hot Summer in Barefoot County created?

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What is correct bare foot or bare feet?

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Does barefoot running cause flat feet ?

No, running around barefoot will not cause you to get flat feet. Shoes are only used to protect our feet but we were born to walk on our feet without anything on them.

Is walking bare footed bad for your feet?

No, it isn't. When you walk barefoot on gravel or rocks (if you're used to it) your feet get thick and tough. So it is good for you. Even my feet are thick and tough!! :)

Is it a bad idea to run barefoot?

Running barefoot is not really a bad idea. The reason we wear shoes is to keep our feet from any sharp objects or things that can damage our feet. Just make sure there is nothing that can hurt your feet before your run barefoot.

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Does John Cena go barefoot?

no,his feet are to tender,and after all,he is american,americans dont go barefoot

What can people get from walking barefoot?

feet like a bear.

What do Christians think of bare feet?

In Catholic tradition, especially monastic tradition, bare feet are associated with penitence. The Franciscans, the Poor Claire, the reformed ("discalced", meaning "without shoes") Carmelites all went barefoot. Even today some of these Orders go barefoot or wear sandals without socks. Yet as bareness, even nudity, can be seen as penitent and/or innocent, there is the erotic potential (particularly with young attractive barefoot women); which is why, in at least Western Protestant churches, bare feet are not only rare, but might be looked at as disrespectful, peculiar, or even attention-seeking.

Can you go barefoot at Universal Studios?

Yes, of course you can, but that pavement can get extremely hot. I went there barefoot but I wore sandals some of the time because the pavement was just too hot in May.