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Make sure the vechicle is not in motion during this activity, it may help.

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Q: Why do you get dizzy and queasy when lying underneath a vehicle you want to fix. You are 60?
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Where is the starter in a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo?

If you're lying underneath your Rodeo with your feet facing the front of the vehicle, the starter should be to the left hand side of the engine, just past the oil plug. If you imagine yourself sitting in the driver's seat, the starter will be right underneath where your right foot is.

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Where is the coolant drain plug for 2001 dodge grand caravan?

The radiator drain plug is located at bottom driver's side of the radiator. It has a black plastic flat handle about 1/2 inch across and a rubber tubing projects from it (to aid in the discharge of coolant). It is best and most inconveniently reached from the bottom side of the vehicle. Facing front of vehicle and attempting to turn the plug from above, it is opened by turning it to right (lying on ground underneath vehicle, this would be the normal "turn to left to open" kind of valve.

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