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Q: Why do you feel ill all the time?
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How would you feel at the time of the plague?

pretty darn ill.

to be ill?

the answer is ail: Meaning of ail: to feel or cause someone to feel ill, unhealthy, or weak.

Are we guilty of making ourselves ill?

Yes often times if we feel guilty or stressed we feel ill.

Who will make you feel better when your ill?

A doctor will make you feel better when your ill because he/she mite give you medicine.

Can ghosts make you feel ill?

No, there are no such things as ghosts. However, there have been reports by those who claimed to have been in contact with the supernatural world, and they have felt ill during this time.

Do you have to feel the IUD string all the time?

No, you do not have to feel the IUD string all the time.

How do you know if you are ill?

you know when u are ill because you feel sick

What does it mean when you are sweaty all the time?

It is very warm or you are ill

How do you write the following sentence properly I feel ill thought Samuel?

The sentence is a quotation. "I feel ill," thought Samuel.

How Is Disease Linked With Illness?

Well, it's sort of like this: WHen you have a disease you are very likely to feel ill. And when you feel ill, you probably have an illness and that means you might have a disease.

What disease made lord hopetoun feel ill?

the disease that made lord hopetoun feel ill was a disease called Typhoid

When I sit in a certain room at school I feel really ill No matter what time of day it is who the teacher is or what lesson I feel sick What is happening?

Have you ever thought about the room not liking you?