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you feel better because you have let it all out

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Q: Why do you feel better after vomiting?
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Is eating chicken okay after vomiting?

yes it will make you feel better.

If you are sick and vomiting what can you do to feel better?

you need to go to the doctor and he will give u some kind of medicine to cure it!!:)

What should you give a dog when he eats and vomits?

Usually, vomiting is not something severe in a dog - in fact, if they don't feel good, sometimes they will eat grass until they do vomit, after which they feel better. Make sure your dog has lots of water and is still drinking. If they keep vomiting or if they don't drink, take them to the vet.

When you burp what does it feel like?

Like vomiting air.

What should you do if you drink hydrogen peroxide and vomiating?

Depends on how much you drank. Vomiting is your body's way of getting the peroxide out. Keep vomiting, you should feel better. If after half an hour or so you still feel I'll, seek medical attention. If a child swallowed peroxide, don't take any chances, get to the er.

Why do you feel like vomiting after last day of period?

If you feel like vomiting after the last day of you period, you may just have a virus. There should be no reason to vomit just over your period.

Why do you feel constantly tired and sometimes feel like vomiting?

Sometimes you feel stressed or overwhelmed OR These may be signs of pregnancy.

What is helpful during vomiting?

i honestly don't think anything is helpful during vomiting, unless u are vomiting because u are sick. after vomiting during sickness sometimes it can make u feel well again!

What is reverse peristalsis in the esophagus better known as?


Why do you feel vomiting while traveling on hill stations?

motion sickness

How does it feel like when vomiting biles?

If a person is vomiting bile, they will not be feeling at all well. The reason for vomiting bile could be because of a recent meal, that was not fully digested before vomiting. The person might be allergic to the food and this caused the vomiting along with the digestive enzymes and juices called bile. If a person has had a recent gallbladder surgery, this too could cause bile vomiting. In either case the individual will not enjoy the sensation and may feel slightly light headed after completion.

Why men feel like vomiting in the morning?

You eat your breakfast too fast.