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because of the moon's reflection in the just peed to bed

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Q: Why do you dream about cows jumping over the moon?
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Did cows ever jump over the moon?

No. If cows don't jump the moon today what makes you think that they jumped it back then?

What is the probability of a cow jumping over the moon?

None at the moment but in the future you never know!

Where was the cow while little boy blue was asleep?

in the medow...or jumping over the moon

In the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of what?

a cow jumping over the moon

What does it mean when you dream the same dream over and over and its about jumping a window with your siblings?

Having the same dream over and over (recurring dreams) means that some continual problem or recurring issue in your life needs to be resolved. As long as you avoid confronting the problem causing the dream, that dream will keep repeating.> Jumping out a window with your siblings suggests self destructive behavior. So the recurring dream may refer to some bad habit, addiction or pattern of behaving that you share with your siblings. Alternatively, the siblings might simply represent different aspects of yourself, illustrating that your self-destructive behavior is impacting many areas of your life.

Can a cow jump over the moon?

No, of course not! Cows are strong but do not have the power or build to jump up like a cat does. Therefore, they certainly could not jump over the moon. Besides, "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" is just a fictional nursery rhyme that was written to entertain children. It's the kind of nursery rhyme that is not to be taken seriously or as fact.

What does it mean when you dream about jumping off a huge building over and over?

This dream is caused by procrastination. The building represents something you need to do that feels enormous, overwhelming and impossible. You are afraid that you cannot do what is required of you, and so your mind pictures it as terrifying as jumping off the edge of a building. Once you stop avoiding the issue and get the job done, these dreams will stop.

What did Einstein study in space?

he studied cows jumping over moons. im not kidding.

Why was there a cow on the J page of the alphabet book?

The cow on the J page of the alphabet book is jumping. This comes from "the cow jumped over the moon.".

Why did the cow keep jumping over the barrel?

She was practicing for a moonshot! This is the answer to a popular riddle.

What are flies common in humans cows and monkeys?

We are in common because of we fly in airplanes and flying monkeys fly and the cow that jumped over the moon.

What did Remus made fun by jumping over it?

remus made fun of this by jumping over