Why do you defecate so much?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Why do you defecate so much?
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Why after exercise do i defecate so much?

Exercise gets the metabolism going, hence why you defecate after exercise.

Why do elephants defecate so much?

Because they eat a lot, in simplicity.

How much can you defecate?

As much as you like!

How do dwarf hamsters defecate?

pretty much how we do

Why do birds defecate on cars?

Birds don't know what a car is, they just need to defecate. Also, they often defecate as they fly so their poop falls just anywhere.

Does a fly defecate every time it lands?

A fly does not defecate every time it lands but it is not uncommon for them to do so. They do not specifically defecate at certain times or in one place like many insects.

Do vegetarians defecate less?

Vegetarians will defecate more if they take in much more natural fiber. At the same time, a meat eater will also defecate more the more naturally fibrous foods they consume.

Why do horses defecate?

Horses defecate to empty their bodies so that they can eat more food and then digest it. If horses didn't defecate then they would have all their waste building up inside them and then become ill

Why do you have to defecate so bad?

If someone has to defecate so bad, this could be because they are constipated. It may also be because they have a stomach virus, causing their stomach to not feel good.

Do lizards defecate?

Every living creature needs food and water, exchanges a gas, and excretes waste, so yes lizards defecate

Can bees defecate?

Yes, and they always do so outside of the hive.

How do you defecate on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You just defecate.