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Q: Why do women reach high BAC levels?
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Women tend to reach higher BAC levels more quickly than men because?

Blood alcohol content(BAC) is affected primarily by the size of the person drinking. So me being 6' 5" can drink more before my BAC increases whereas some one who is 5' 5" BAC would increase more rapidly. So seeing as most women are smaller then men can theoretically drink more wih out their BAC skyrocketing.

Can vomiting reduce your BAC?

No. Your BAC would still be the same. But vomiting would reduce the alcohol levels in the stomach, so your BAC later on will be lower.

Are fully licensed male drivers allowed to have a higher BAC than fully licensed female drivers?

Not that I am aware of. The blood alcohol levels would be the same percentage, but men can typically drink more alcohol (even at the same age and weight and consumption rate) than women because women typically have a lower water content in their blood, so the BAC percentage isn't different, but women's BAC can rise faster.

Why do women tends to reach an higher BAC level than men?

Less of an enzyme that helps metabolize alcohol and a higher proportion of fat, which concentrates alcohol in the bloodstream.

How does tolerance to alcohol affect BAC?

Tolerance to alcohol does not affect immediate measures of BAC. A tolerant person can have a much higher BAC without feeling the effects but according to the law they are more drunk than a person with a lower amount that is highly affected by alcohol. To be more specific, high tolerance essentially affects the level of habituation a person's neurons have adapted to alcohol and reduces the number of receptors that they have for alcohol. As BAC is a measure of immediate blood alcohol levels, this is not affected by levels of receptors in the brain.

What is BAC levels?

Blood Alcohol Content. How much alcohol is in your blood.

You become an unsafe driver at bac levels of?

According to many studies, you become an unsafe driver at BAC levels of 0.08 and higher. This is a common cutoff level for determining if a person is driving under the influence or not.

Is 0.217 high alcohol level?

That is a dangerously high BAC level.

What is a BAC test?

its the fench test they take in France it is like the English A levels but harder

Do women have a higher BAC?

Women are generally smaller than men, and they produce less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. For those reasons, most women will have a higher BAC than the average male if they both drink the same amount of alcohol.

In fl the American medical association says that you become an unsafe driver at bac levels of?


The American Medical Association says that you become an unsafe driver at BAC levels of?

0.08 in adult