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Q: Why do we get thirsty on a hot day and have to drink a lot.?
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Do you get thirsty when you eat ice cream?

No you do not get thirsty in less you need a lot of water to drink

Why don't bearded dragons not drink water?

It'll drink when it's READY ! They don't necessarily drink every day, as they get a lot of moisture from the food they eat.

Why would always be thirsty if I drink a lot of water?

Either you are a fish or pissibly you need to be checked for diabetes. Diabetes makes you thirsty a lot.

Why do bunnies die in the sun?

They are thirsty in the sun so they have to drink water and they are not animal that drink a lot of water so they die

Is it possible to drink 10 liters of water in a day?

Probably if you were working outside on a very hot day and sweating a lot.

Why do tennis players drink water?

Because they are thirsty and they have sweated off a lot of water weight. Are you stupid?

Does japan use water a lot?

Only when it is hot and the population become thirsty. In other cases, no.

What are some lizards that spend a lot of time in water?

They could be hot, thirsty, or just aquatic.

Why is it important to drink a lot of fluid?

It is important to drink lots of fluids if you are exercising outside on a hot or humid day. This prevents you from becoming dehydrated. Also, drinking lots of fluids while sick can help speed up the healing process.

Do horses drink a lot?

yes in cooler temparture horses will drink about 10-12 gallons per day and during hot weather they drink 20-25 gallons (or more) per day depending on the heat and humidity.

Why are you always thirsty but you drink a lot?

this could be a sign of diabetes, being that diabetes makes you thirsty more than normal but it does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes , you should be check by your doctor to be sure.

What do ice?

Ice can do a lot of things, it can be put in a drink on a hot summers day to cool your drink down, you can use it as an ice pack when you have banged your head or hurt yourself.