Why do teens not matter?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Teens do matter. In fact, they matter a lot because they are the future decision makers of the world. If your question is "Why do people think teens don't matter?" then I have a simple question for you. Why do people think anything? People think what they think because of past experiences, religion, and I don't like it, but word of mouth. If you hear so many news reports about teens getting pregnant, teens doing drugs, teens stealing, dropping out of school, and having sex, you'll start to develop an opinion. Right now, a lot of this stuff is happening with teens, and so the opinion (made by common sense) is as strong and popular as ever. It is a form of stereotyping, in a way. It's not too late though, you can still make a difference. Do good in school, follow your heart, and don't let in to temptation!

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Q: Why do teens not matter?
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Why do teens misbehave?

Teens rebel, no matter what. They want to do what they want to do. And having to be told what to and what not to do makes them rebel.

What is the theme for The Outsiders when the teens fight?

the theme is that people had to fight to prove that they were the same no matter what class they were

What is the difference the filipino teenager and American teenager?

I am Italian-American and what I have noticed is teens in Italy dress up more (dresses, h&m) compared to American teens who just wear uggs and hoodies. Italian teens eat healthier for the most part too. Italian teens get to drink alcohol and go to clubs at a much younger age than American teens also.

How old can us teens date?

6 It all depends if you are ready to date and you should discuss the matter with your parent(s) or guardian(s)

What make wizards of Waverly place so good?

The cast and the plot is what most teens would say. However this question is a matter of opinion.

Why there are so many teen pregnancies in US?

Well, for some reason each year teens think they're older and older, they are influenced by other teens to have sex and they aren't smart enough to use a condom or they don't think it would matter. But some teens are stable and responsible enough to raise a child, so they get pregnant on purpose.

Do violent games influence teens to be violent?

Teens actually have a deliberate choice in the matter. However, what images and attitudes a child takes and repeats during play most definitely influences their conscious choices and personality development. In that aspect, yes, they are definitely responsible for much violent behavior in teens.

What are some of the impacts of Christianity on teens?

It provides them with a moral framework. It lets them know that someone loves them, no matter what. It gives them solace and comfort in times of difficulty.

Should teens be able to drive around with other teens?

if they are trustworthy teens.

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as long as you arent sexual active it doesnt matter, but if you are you both have to be under 18 years old

Keansburg New Jersey jobs for teens?

You have a big but for teens and you have big titees for teens

Can teens get pregnant in sims 2 double deluxe?

no, it doesn't matter if you only had the base game, or double deluxe, or any expansion, teens will only get pregnant if you are using the inteenimator or another mod that allows teen pregnancy.