Why do teenagers get gray hair?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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i am not sure but i assume that's the hair color they will have when they get older...

you know some people are born with white hair or red hair?

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Q: Why do teenagers get gray hair?
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Why teenagers are the best market for hair care product?

teenagers are the focusing on fashion and looks that is why teenagers has keen about hair care product and its market so you can say teenagers are the best market for hair care product

Why does people hair turn gray when they get old?

When people get old their hair turns gray and I know how... Their hair cells die and their hair turns gray. :)

What happens when you pluck a gray hair?

Nothing happens when you pluck a gray hair

Is there any such thing as gray hair or does the hair simply look gray because of the mixture of colored and white hairs?

There is something called gray hair as there is both black , white and that hair in between black and white is seen as gray hair.

How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

Will blonde hair color cover all gray hair?

Yes. Blonde is the best to cover gray hair.

Can you cut your greying hair?

Yes you can cut your gray hair, but it will grow back gray.

What is this short gray stiff hair growing out of my arm?

It is a short, gray, stiff hair.

How do you make gray hair shine?

There is a product that is called Shimmering lights that you can use for gray hair. They make this product in both the shampoo and conditioner. It brightens white and gray hair and neutralizes yellow tones in the hair while it conditions your hair. It is a great product and are made just for gray and faded highlighted hair.

What is a hair trunk?

trunks hair is gray with just a little purple but i think its just gray

Is there a perm or relaxer for gray hair and if there is where would i get it?

Gentle Treament has a relaxer just for gray hair.

Why do you have gray hair?

the pigment is fading in your hair