Why do sunspots appear dark?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Even though sunspots are fiery white hot, they are somewhat cooler than the part of the Sun around them. When you inspect the Sun through a very dark filter (The only safe way) the Sun itself does not look very bright, and sunspots appear dark in comparison.

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Q: Why do sunspots appear dark?
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What are dark spots that appear on the surface of the sun?


What are dark spots that appear on the surface of the sun called?


Why do sunspots appear darker?

Because the sunspots are cooler spots on the sun. They are much different from the rest of the sun so the appear really dark.

Why do sunspots look dark in color?

In regular photographs, sunspots appear dark because the temperature of surrounding areas is so high that by comparison, sunspots are cool. In reality, they are still immensely hot.

What do sunspots do?

Sunspots give off magnetic rays that affect terrestrial life. Then are just dark patches on the sun's surface that appear periodically. They are not as hot as other parts on the sun though.

Describe the characteristics of sunspots?

A sunspot is a region on the Sun's photosphere that is cooler and darker than the surrounding material. Sunspots often appear in pairs or groups with specific magnetic polarities that indicate electromagnetic origins.

Do sunspots appear in pairs?

Pairs? No. Sunspots can be singular, but more often develop in clusters.

Why do sunspots appear?

Sunspots appear because of the magnetic fields, they appear black because they're slightly cooler than the surface of the rest of star.

What is an explanation of why sunspots appear dark?

The sun spots are the cooler spots. They are darker because there isnt much heat compared to the rest of the sun

Dark spot on sun?


What are the dark spots on the surface of the Sun that represent areas of cooler temperatures called?

Sunspots are dark areas on the sun's surface that are cooler than the surrounding area.

Do a lot of sunspots appear during a solar maximum?

Sunspots appear pretty much all the time, but there are more of them during a solar maximum.