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10% of the population can't smell stink bug.

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Q: Why do some people smell stink bugs and others don't?
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Is stink beetle an omnivore?

herbivoresAnswer #2: "Stink bugs" are any number of insect belonging to various families within the order Hemiptera and superfamily Pentatomoidea. There are carnivorous species and herbivorous species.In the United States, South Korea and Taiwan, when people say "stink bug" they are often referring to the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, which is herbivorous, therefore an agricultural pest. It also happens to be an invasive species that was accidently introduced to the US.

Do stink bugs eat house plants?

This is the second year that stink bugs have come into my home. In this time there has been no evidence that they eat the house plants. They do leave pea size black spots on the leaves. These can be removed from smooth leaves with a wet paper towel. I don't know if the spots can be removed from fuzzy leaves.

What animal eats green tomatoes?

Chipmunks, deer, hornworms, raccoons, squirrels, stink bugs, tobacco budworms, and tomato budworms and fruitworms are animals that eat green tomatoes. All five insect pests leave holes in the fruits. Stink bugs additionally will leave unattractively damaged patches on tomato surfaces.

What are the habits of a stink bug?

Eluding predators, feeding upon edibles, mating, releasing coriander-like odors, and sheltering in fall and winter are the habits of a stink bug. The insect in question (Hemipteraorder of Pentatomidae family) has to worry about predatory birds, lizards, parasitoid wasps, spiders, and wheel bugs. Stink bugs may live as long as several months to a year if they can find safe, warm shelters during the fall and winter months.

Do assassin bugs eat box elder bugs?

Yes, assassin bugs eat box elder bugs. The insects in question number among Mother Nature's beneficial arthropods because of the food sources which their diets include. For example, assassin bugs also try to keep lace, plant, squash, and stink bug populations under control.