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Because they have nothing better to do, or think it is fun, or are completely bored with their lives. I have no clue.

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Q: Why do so many people watch tv?
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How many people in America watch TV?

90 percent of Americans watch tv

How many people watch TV in Saudi Arabia?

everyone in Saudi Arabia watch TV

Is 'ECW' still on TV?

No, they cancelled that because not many people were watching it on TV. So they replaced it with NXT which you can only watch online.

How many people watch tv in the UK?

900 Million people.

How many people will watch the Olympics on TV?


How many people watch tv in Ghana?


How many people watch television in Australia?


What do most people in china do?

watch film,watch tv,talk about start film and so on

How many people watch csi Miami?

its one of the worlds #1 tv shows since 2002 so ALOT :)

How many people watch sport on Television?

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

Why do sports attract so many fans?

because the people who don't have anything else to do watch tv and they find sports so they become fans

How many people watch reality television?

10000 people