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Some people aren't wealthy enough to buy other means of transportation.

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Q: Why do so many people ride bicycles in china?
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How many people ride their bike to work in china?

Presently, there are about 1.3 billion people in China. According to the website below, in 1987 there were 500 million bicycles in China, and around 1.1 billion people according to the 2nd website listed below. Twenty two years later though, the population increased and so would the number of bicycles naturally, so if the trend continues into 2009, people would outnumber bicycles by a factor of two.Now, to the question "How many people ride bikes in China?"One can interpret that to mean 'ride a bicycle on a daily basis'. This could be tricky, but it might be safe to say three quarters of Chinese people with a bike ride it on a daily basis.(http:/

Do people in Paris ride bicycles?


When was When Fish Ride Bicycles created?

When Fish Ride Bicycles was created on 2011-07-12.

What percentage of people ride bicycles?

about 40% of the population on earth ride bikes

Who likes to ride bicycles?

I do

Do people in Paris have Cabs for traveling around?

Certainly. Paris, France, has many taxicabs. That city also has a subway system (Metro) and many people also ride bicycles and walk to their destinations.

What are facts about bicycles?

-they have wheels -they cant carry really fat people -you can fall off of them -bisexuals can ride them

What police ride?

horses, bicycles and motorbikes

What do people ride or take in Romania to get from place to place?

Buses, microbuses, cars Motorcycles, bicycles Planes Boats Carts

Do fish have ankles?

Fish have no ankles, nor do they ride bicycles.

Persons riding bicycles may not ride more than two abreast in any single lane?

Correct! Unless you're on a bike path, in which case there are no real laws defining how many people can ride next to each other.

In which country does the word cicles translate to bicycles?

Cicles doesn't translate to bicycles at all. People often refer to the term cycling as taking a ride on a bicycle. So they are still somewhat related subjects.