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I think because a lot of black men are of mixed races and their hair is always a dead give-away as to their African roots. Same reason that black women use lace front hides the nappy roots. I am white and my black girlfriends and I have really honest discussions about cultural differences. The black girls feel that when black men shave their heads, they look less black and can keep white girls guessing about their race. Nuts, I know, but it's what they tell me.

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Q: Why do so many black men on TV shave their heads?
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Why do Chinese men have shaved heads?

Not all Chinese men shave their heads. Buddhist monks shave their heads in obedience to Buddha's teachings.

How do Japanese men apologize?

they shave their heads

Why do Egyptian women and men shave their heads?

Lol Egyptian women and men don't shave there head for fun. Maybe it's cause they are bald? and figure to shave off the rest of it?

Has baldness become the latest fashion trend?

Yes! Many men suffering from hair loss choose to shave their heads to avoid "unnecessary embarrassment."

What do Muslims shave off when going to hajj?

The Muslim men shave off their heads after performing Umra or Hajj. This shaved off head is called 'Tind' in Punjabi.

Do black men like red heads?

Black men like all white woman

What percentage of men shave his legs?

It is not known exactly how many men shave their legs. According to GQ magazine, however, about 40% of men shave their legs on a weekly basis.

Why are shaved bald heads so popular?

For a variety of reasons- some men begin losing their hair at a very early age, sometimes even in their early 20s. They thus think it's smarter if they shave the whole lot off rather than have a receding hairline- this would make them look middle-aged, whereas a totally bald head can actually make them look younger. Also, many men see it as fashionable- being bald has a tough, hard-man image, especially amongst the black community, and many men shave their heads to make themselves look like hard men, or at least look cool. In other cases, it can actually be a matter of convenience- some people who aren't in a position to wash their hair regularly find it easier to just shave their heads- it's also coller in the hot Summer weather!!

How many men shave in Australia?

As many as they want to.

Why do Hindu men shave their head after a funeral?

Brahmins shave their heads after the death of their parents as a form of mourning. The is done in belief that the soul attains a higher form of satisfaction.

Why do naturally balding men still look attactive when self inflicted shaven heads look gross and repulsively vile with zero sex appeal?

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder - many men that shave their heads also look good. (Think David Beckham) or what about Wayne Rooney

Do women find black men sexier clean shaven or with facial hair?